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OUTDOORS: Warm your heart with crappie fishing in Florida

By Vic Attardo, The Mercury

Posted: 02/08/14

There's a very good reason to head to Florida this winter and it's not just to escape the cold, snow and ice.

Florida — as just about every sportsman knows — has excellent fishing at this time of year. From its inland lakes to its salted seas, anglers can pursue so many species it would take a few paragraphs to name them all. But one fish that may not make it on the list, or get a high ranking, is the estimable crappie — pronounced "crop-ee" in southern states and often called a "spec" in the Sunshine State.

In Florida's hundreds of natural and enhanced lakes and through the state's long river systems, the crop-ee is as plentiful as other species and grows to sizes not often seen in these parts.

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