2014 winners


I have several techniques I like to use fishing for crappie. My favorite one is tight-lining or spider rigging as some people call it. I use Buck's Graphite Jig Pole by BnM in 14' and 16'. Run Vicious fishing line on them with a good hook, jig or live bait and you've got a winner. Place the poles in a rodholder by Driftmaster and you've got a winning combination.

I also like to jig when I have grass or vegetation. BnM has several poles that are good for this. Top off your line with a Rockport Rattler or tackle from Midsouth Tackle or Crappie Pro. TTI Blakemore makes some great hooks with plenty to choose from as well.

Not only do you have to use a good pole and bait system in a boat, but you have to have good electronics and equipment to make the most of your trip. Humminbird and Minn Kota make the best navigational equipment I have found. They have the most up to date equipment on the market.

Now after you've caught these fish, you can either put them on ice or keep them alive. A Yeti cooler with do just that with ice or fresh oxygen. It will keep ice for 10 days and has a great seal to keep water in when you are riding down the lake.

Try some of these products and tell me what you think!

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