2014 winners


South Carolina has one of the longest hunting seasons in the country. Deer season starts on August 15 each year and ends January 1. With that being said, there must be a lot of deer here! I've hunted with many clubs over the years and even had a couple of my own that I ran. We usually have a very successful year hunting deer. Over the years, I have harvested over 300 bucks in my life. My most interesting day was on a man drive and five bucks came by me and I got all five! No, South Carolina doesn't have a buck limit!

I also love dove and duck hunting. We plant several fields for doves each year and have a good crowd for a festive dove hunt starting on Labor Day weekend when the dove season comes in. Family and friends enjoy getting together and scouting out the doves after a great meal for lunch that day. Everyone has a great time. My black lab Bodee especially lovse it. He is a champion retriever and is awesome at what he does. I couldn't be more proud of him. Our family treats him like one of us and believe me, he thinks he is one of us!

After the New Year gets here and the cold sets in, my favorite hunting season of all comes in. I hunt ducks with Bodee in several ponds and we do pretty fair each day we go. Most days we get the limit of either mallards or wood ducks. When I get a chance, I go to the Mississippi Delta to duck hunt with my buddies over there. That's where the real duck hunting is! You cannot imagine how many ducks come through there. I enjoy it and try to go as often as I can.

Take a look at some of the hunting photos from over the years. I hope you enjoy them!

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